Taps & Extensions

Policy for Electric Line Extensions

This policy covers the extension of primary and secondary electrical lines.

1. Primary line extensions required to reach the property of a new customer will normally be constructed along public road right-of-way or within dedicated utility easements.

2. EUB will construct up to 500 feet of overhead primary line to reach the property line of a new customer or development for which a permanent structure is under construction at no cost. An aid-in-construction would be required for any additional footage.

3. Any additional primary facilities which may be required beyond the property line of a customer solely for the customer’s use will require an aid-in-construction.

4. For properties with a mobile home or other non-permanent structure, the customer will be responsible for 100% of the cost for the primary line extension to reach the property.

5. Customer/developer is responsible for the initial clearing of a right-of-way and signing easement forms prior to construction by EUB. Easement widths shall be as follows:

a. Underground primary – 40 feet

b. Overhead single-phase – 40 feet (20 feet each side of centerline)

c. Overhead V-phase – 50 feet (25 feet each side of centerline)

d. Overhead 3-phase – 60 feet (30 feet each side of centerline)


6. For primary line extensions to reach the property of a new customer that is to be installed underground at the customer’s request or is an extension of an existing underground line, the customer shall be responsible for 100% of the cost of the extension. The customer shall provide all ditching, backfilling, and conduits where required. Conduits shall be 2½” Schedule 80 PVC with rigid elbows unless otherwise stated by the EUB Engineer. Spare conduits shall be provided and installed as required by the EUB Engineer. The depth of the trenching for the conduit system must be such that the top of the conduit is at least 36” below the final grade. The installation of a pull-line is required for each conduit. Before covering, the conduit installation must be inspected by the EUB Engineer. An underground warning tape will be provided by EUB for installation in the ditch between 12” and 24” above the conduit during backfilling. EUB will assume ownership of the conduit system, not including the ditch itself after the primary conductor has been energized.

7. For underground line extensions, EUB shall furnish a fiberglass box pad for each transformer and a fiberglass ground sleeve for each primary junction cabinet where required. The customer/developer shall install pads and ground sleeves during the process of installing primary conduits. Pads and ground sleeves shall be installed so that approximately 6 inches of the fiberglass will remain above the final grade. The tops of the pads and ground sleeves shall be level and gravel and tamped soil shall be used at the bottom of the excavation to ensure a solid base for the pads to prevent shifting or settling. Customer/developer shall install properly-sized conduit stub-outs from all transformer pads to accommodate all service or secondary conductors to eliminate excavation into the pad once it has been installed.

8. Aid-in-construction payments must be paid prior to construction by EUB. Aid-in-construction costs for primary line extensions shall be as follows:

a. Underground primary – $8.50 per foot per phase. This charge is based on 1/0 Aluminum 15 KV cable w/133% insulation and 200 Ampere rated terminations and includes a polypropylene pipe for the cable. Costs for larger capacity cables and accessories will be determined for each specific installation.

b. Primary junction box for single-phase underground lines – $1,100.00 each (maximum distance between boxes or transformers shall be 500 feet). Costs are to be determined for each specific installation requiring junction boxes to accommodate three-phase primary.

c. Padmounted transformer, single-phase – $ 2,100.00

d. Padmounted transformer, three-phase – to be determined for each specific installation and shall include the cost of a fiberglass box pad where required.

e. Single-phase overhead construction – $4.50 per foot. For V-phase or 3-phase construction, add $2.00 per foot for each additional phase.

f. Installation of single-phase overhead transformer to supply outdoor lighting – $500.00