June 10, 2024

Etowah Utilities Customers,

I wanted to let you know of utility rate increases that are going to occur in the near future.

Beginning July 1st, water rates will increase 6% and sewer rates 12%. For the average customer, using 2,000 gallons, this would amount to an increase of $1.00 for water and $2.36 for sewer.

There will not be an increase in natural gas rates.

These increases are to help cover the increase in chemicals, energy costs and normal operating expenses for Etowah Utilities.

The increase in Sewer includes steps we have begun to upgrade the 30-year-old wastewater plant. This will help increase capacity to serve Residential, Commercial and Industrial customers. These required Engineering upgrades are about half of the overall sewer increase but are necessary for future growth.

We regret any increase in rates to our customers, but we are experiencing the same inflationary price increases we are seeing in all areas of life.

Thank you,

Harold Masengil, General Manager